What does “authentic food” even mean?

An interesting taken on “authenticity” in Eater.com by Jaya Saxena, that features a fantastic quote from Merin Oleschuk!

 “In a survey of “foodies” in Toronto, researcher Merin Oleschuk found that chefs of color are often limited by what white and Western diners expect their food to look like, and punished when they don’t live up to those expectations. “These instances are problematic because they summon people to act as ‘representatives’ of their culture,” writes Oleschuk. “Doing so supports social distancing by asking people of color to occupy positions of bounded ethnicity whereby their role is to ‘enrich’ an otherwise normatively white, Anglo-Saxon society through ‘ethnic performances’ and ‘traditions.”

Photo courtesy of Ginny on Flickr Creative Commons: https://flic.kr/p/7xXYGB